Papovic: Serbia is a landfill for EU products

President of the National Consumer Associations of Serbia, Goran Papovic says that if Slovakia, Hungary, and Poland claim that they are figurative rubbish bins for EU products, because consumers in these countries buy the same products as their West European counterparts but of lower quality, than Serbia is a real landfill for EU rejects.

“There is a list of products that these countries have revealed, but there is an even more extensive list of the same EU products that contain different ingredients that are sold in Serbia. If these three countries call themselves rubbish bins for EU products, than we are in serious trouble, because Serbia is a real landfill then”, Papovic adds.

He explains that the products coming from the EU to Southeast Europe and third world countries have the same packaging and the same name but are of completely different (lower) quality. These products are usually manufactured in the Czech Republic and Poland.

“When you look at the label, you would think that the ingredients are the same but they are not. If you see a label written in Serbian, Macedonian and Montenegrin language, than you know that this product was meant for the third world countries. When a label is written in German or Spanish, than you know that it has been really produced in Germany or Spain”, Papovic says.

When asked who controlled these EU products that come to Serbia, he said that only one or two persons were in charge of that. “You cannot have one or two people decide what is best for us. There is a great pressure coming from the import lobby”, he adds.

Also, another problem is that Serbia doesn’t have a proper reference laboratory and that the National Consumer Association usually sends the products that arrive to Serbia to be tested abroad.

(Dnevnik, 27.07.2017)





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  1. jj says:

    Then Serbian consumers shouldn’t buy the EU products if at all possible.

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