Panić: “Vučić’s statements about the end of the coronavirus epidemic are ridiculous”

“Serbia did not defeat the coronavirus, but brought it under control thanks to the implemented measures, so the authorities talking about “a victory” over the epidemic are ridiculous, as it is clear that they were directed to winning more votes in the election,” said anesthesiologist Rade Panić and epidemiologist Zoran Radovanović.

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, said at yesterday’s press conference, among other things, that he expected to see huge problems in the world because of the coronavirus, and that “as a result, I wanted to tell you that it is very important that we have come out victorious after the first wave of the coronavirus contagion, and that we can now start to work on economic recovery”.

“Only four countries have been carrying out more tests than we have, and we spend a lot of money on that. We will get this second wave under control. The relevant numbers are better and the situation in the hospitals is better than before,” Vučić continued.

The president of the Union of Doctors and Pharmacists of Serbia, anesthesiologist Rade Panić, points out that Vučić’s statement contradicts Ana Brnabić’s statement that no-one in Serbia has ever claimed that the virus has been defeated.

“We know that one of the election slogans was that the virus had been defeated. You cannot defeat an epidemic, you can only reduce the consequences it leaves behind. Their claims of victory over the epidemic were ridiculous, but we understand that because they needed to get as many votes in the election as possible, especially from those who are not prone to deeper analyzing the situation but love to hear words like “victory”.

After Panić warned that there was a danger of medical workers suspending their work if the government does not stop provoking the signatories of the United Against COVID initiative, Vucic pointed out yesterday that Serbia did not rely on people like Panić, but on heroes from the “red zone”.

Panić points out that the president’s statement is indicative of how much he is “hurt by the fact that that 3,000 doctors signed a public appeal addressed to the Government of Serbia and the Crisis Unit, considering that the appeal contains numerous questions that are obviously inconvenient for this government because they reveal manipulations with the number of new patients and deceased “.

Retired epidemiologist Zoran Radovanovic says that Serbia had not defeated the first wave of the virus, as the President said, but had managed to lower the contagion curve, which led to an improvement in the overall situation.

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“However, we dropped all measures in early May, instead of gradually relaxing them, one by one.  In early May, the members of the government Crisis Unit suddenly went silent and publicly spoke again only after the election was finished, while only occasionally making reassuring statements. The goal of this was to prepare the public for the elections so that people could go to the polls without being afraid,” Radovanović points out.

Radovanović goes on to say that “if we had implemented all the measures, we could have reduced the number of newly infected to less than 5 a day”.

Vučić also said that the government has been negotiating with the representatives of two countries, i.e. two companies that are working on the coronavirus vaccine. According to him, Serbia will be among the first 20 countries to pay for the new vaccine.

“We will try to vaccinate the population for free. There are indications that the vaccine will cost a lot but I hope that that will not be the case. Even if we spend 500 million on vaccines, that’s still less than what have spent so far (on fighting the coronavirus),” said Vučić.

To remind, on 12 July, the Serbian President said that the country would defeat the coronavirus in 20 days.

(Danas, 31.07.2020)


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