Pandemic used for political purposes

“The results of monitoring activities covering information and media exposure during the state of emergency indicate that media freedom further deteriorated during this period, that the media were intimidated, and that some journalists were arrested for writing and reporting that the media were subjected to and controlled by one person, Aleksandar Vučić ”, political scientist Boban Stojanović quotes the results of his research.

The research analyzed the presence of political representatives in the media and the state’s attitude towards journalists during the state of emergency and in general the attitude towards citizens and dissemination of information to citizens during the pandemic.

The purpose of the research was to determine whether the state of emergency had been used by the political authorities to allow a “further collapse of media freedom in Serbia”.

“The Republic of Serbia cannot boast of high media freedom, on the contrary. Media freedom in Serbia is at a very low level. All international reports point to major problems with media freedom in Serbia,” says the study.

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Freedom House’s rating of Serbia in its report for 2019 was 67 out of 100, as a result of 119 documented incidents recorded by the Independent Association of Journalists of Serbia (NUNS), as well as numerous attacks on independent journalists and media.

Using monitoring data from the Office for Social Research (BIRODI), which analyzed a total of 220 hours of news programmes on national television and cable television N1, a change in the tone of the information was noticed.

The Pink TV dedicated most of its broadcast time (69.55 hours) during the state of emergency to information on the pandemic, while the Happy TV the least (21.42 hours).

In terms of exposure and statements by public institutions, bodies and state officials, Aleksandar Vučić was the most represented on the news with more than 18 hours of news featuring him, while Prime Minister Ana Brnabić had only 5 hours of news featuring her.

(Nova, 11.10.2020)


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