Palic: European Film Festival starts tomorrow

This year’s European Film Festival in Palic will take place between 15th and 21st July and will screen a total of 80 European films in 11 programmes.

“The modern European filmography is all about people and their place in contemporary life”, says the Festival’s director PetarMiric, and this is true for the films that will be showcased at this year’s festival.

“We also filmmakers that depict life in faraway countries like Congo, the Reunion Islands, Chile or China”, Mitric says and recommends a Hungarian film “On Body and Soul”, the Berlin Festival’s Gold Bear Award winner. The film is directed by Ildikó Enyedi.

Then there is another Hungarian filmmaker Kornel Mundruczo whose film Jupiter’s Moon, this year’s Palm D’Ore nominee, is going to be screened at Official Selection in Palic.

The segment “Parallels and Encounters” is dedicated to feature films and documentaries from former Eastern European geopolitical region and deals with problems of transition of societies and political systems, ethnic relations, identity and need for peace and co-existence, tolerance in the widest sense.

In this segment, the audiences will be able to see films like Hana Jusic’s “Stop Staring at My Plate”, Bohdan Slama’s “Ice Mother”, Igor Cobileanski’s “Eastern Business”, and Jan P. Matuszyński’s “The Last Family”.

The segment “Young Spirit of Europe” is dedicated to brave and inventive authors of unique poetics and attitude towards film. In this segment, there will be feature films, documentaries, shorts, experimental, animated and all other possible forms of film seeking for new ways of expression and future of this art including Guido Hendrikx’s “Stranger in Paradise”, Camilo Restrepo’s “Cilaos”, Maryam Goormaghtigh’s “Before Summer Ends” and Velasco Broca’s “Our Friend the Moon”.

 (Vecernje Novosti, 12.07.2017)—slika-evropske-kinematografije



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