Painter Mate Djordjevic to exhibit in Belgrade after four-year-absence

Painter Mate Djordjevic, who lives in Belgrade and Paris, will exhibit the artwork he created between 2017 and 2019.

The exhibition titled “Katibasis” will be staged at Belgrade’s Gallery 73, from February 14th to 26th. Mate Djordjevic paints on large canvases, and will also exhibit collages and drawings that he did while living in France.

“This is my first solo exhibition in Belgrade after four years and I’m a little proud, but only a little, that I am alive, healthy and working”, says Djordjevic, who was born in Belgrade in 1983.

Speaking about his works and the title of the exhibition, Djordjevic points out:

“Man is a displaced animal, and we need to be aware of that. Only recently did we start walking on two legs. The exhibition’s title is linked to psychology, poetry and myths and even denotes an underground world. This is the world that lives under our feet, and since every single one of us is a little tyrant inside, and wanted to portray all that on my canvases”, the painter explains.

The opening of the exhibition Katibasis is scheduled for February 14th, at 7pm. After Gallery 73, the exhibition will travel to Sombor, followed by Pančevo, and return to Belgrade.

Mate Djordjevic is the recipient of the Vladimir Velickovic Award for his drawings, was three times awarded by the French Academy of Sciences and Arts, and won a prize for his drawing skills in Osten (Macedonia) and the Milan Konjovic Award.

(Blic, 11.02.2019)


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