Owner of Delta Holding to launch Serbian version of Amazon and Alibaba called Ananas

The owner of Delta Holding, Miroslav Mišković, said that the company has embarked on another big business endeavour this year – online shopping.

“We are going to form a new company called Ananas (Pineapple), the likes of Amazon and Alibaba. The launch is expected this summer. We will invest 100 million euro in it over the next few years. We have world-renowned experts from the best companies, some are already in Belgrade, working with us” Mišković announced for the Nedeljnik weekly.

Mišković goes on to say that the company “will have the best possible team for this kind of business”, and adds: “We have very important people from Delta who are dedicated only to developing this company which we view as very important.”

(021.rs, 04.02.2021)


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