Overnight stay on Kopaonik tantamount to spending four days on Tara

There is less than a month left until New Year’s Eve, and considering that it 31st of December is a weekend day, many people will use this opportunity to travel to the popular tourist spots in Serbia.

Some of the most popular destinations include the mountains Kopaonik, Zlatibor and Tara, as well as the Vrnjačka Banja resort. Of these, the Serbian mountains are the most expensive. For instance, an overnight stay on Kopaonik Mountain costs as much as four overnight stays on Tara Mountain.


 Kopaonik’s tourist offer is quite diverse – in the top 10 hotels selected by the website booking.com, the price of overnight stay ranges from 4,800 to 27,713 dinars.

If you are ready to spend almost the average salary in Serbia for the New Year Eve’s celebration, one of the 5* hotels on the Kopaonik offers half-board overnight stay ranging from 300 to 500 euros, depending on the type of room you have booked.


The hotel/apartment offer on Zlatibor Mountain is similar to that of Kopaonik.

The cheapest room goes for 6,000 dinars a night. However, the accommodation offer here mostly includes apartments shared by several people and the price for two days and one-night stay (from December 31 to January 1) in such apartments averages between 20,000 and 30,000 dinars.


An extended weekend on Tara Mountain will cost you 19,000 dinars (for a four-day stay).

An overnight stay from December 31 to January 1, in a one-room-apartment (that also has a living room and bathroom), costs between 3,500 and 5,500 dinars per person on average, but depending on the location and the apartment size, it can go up to 20,000 dinars a night.

On the other hand, renting a log cabin for the day costs on average between 75 and 100 euros for New Year’s Eve.

Vrnjacka Banja

 On and around New Year’s Eve, Vrnjačka Banja offers a wide selection of accommodation – from apartments to luxury villas and hotels.

An overnight stay in an apartment starts from 5,000 dinars, and the prices here are often negotiable, while accommodation on the outskirts of Vrnjačka Banja will set you back between 2,500 and 3,000 dinars a night.

(Nova, 05.12.2022)


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