Over half of people in Serbia had bad experience with local administration

Slightly more than half of the people in Serbia are aware that they can request information of public importance, that comes under the scope of the work done by local governments, but only 38 percent know how to do so. This is one of the results of the local government efficiency survey presented today in Belgrade.

At the conference titled “Quality governance at the local level – the pillar of good public administration”, held by the Centar za Evropske Politike (CEP), it was said that 58 percent of people in Serbia have mostly negative experiences with their city and municipal government.

The most often cited reasons for such dissatisfaction include clerks continuously shifting their responsibilities to other clerks, being given different information on the same subject and having to constantly go from one office to another to obtain information.

The survey, which involved more than 5,200 people from 17 towns and municipalities in Serbia, also showed that nearly 1/3 of respondents believe that their local self-government excludes citizens from decision-making. At the same time, only 17 percent of citizens believe that civil servants got their job because they are sufficiently qualified and have the required skills and abilities.

Others think that political and personal connections are key to finding a job in local government, with as many as 78 percent opting for political connections being crucial for finding a job as a civil servant.

(Danas, 31.05.2022)



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