Over half of people in Serbia believe that corruption will never be eradicated

More than half of the people in Serbia believe that corruption will never be eradicated in the country and only 4.4 percent of them believe that hardly any of the state officials are involved in corrupt acts, which indicates an alarming dissatisfaction with the work performed by state institutions, the report written the Center for Contemporary Politics (CSP) says.

This report on the assessment of corruption in Serbia analyzed the current state of anti-corruption legislation, its implementation, the role of civil society and international cooperation in the fight against corruption in Serbia.

In Serbia, 42.4 percent of surveyed people believe that corruption will always exist, but that it can be somewhat limited.

On the other hand, 33.1 percent of survey respondents believe that corruption in Serbia can be “significantly reduced”, while only 8.2 percent believe in the possibility of eradicating corruption in Serbia altogether.

Also, 11.4 percent of people believe that widespread corruption cannot be reduced.

According to the survey results, a significant part of the population in Serbia has a rather negative opinion about the prevalence of corruption among officials in the public sector.

Approximately ten percent of citizens believe that almost all public sector officials are involved in corrupt activities, while over 41 percent believe that most of them participate in such activities.

Even more worrying is the fact that less than five percent of citizens believe that it is rare for any of the state officials to be involved in corrupt acts.

According to the survey, the groups considered to be the most corrupt are judges, public prosecutors and political leaders, while doctors, teachers and journalists are considered to be somewhat less corrupt.

(Biznis i Finansije, 09.05.2024)


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