Over half of Chinese investments in Europe are made in Western Balkans

Economic underdevelopment and reduced democratic capacities, as well as the reserve and insufficient presence of the European Union and the United States have enabled China to position itself as an important factor in the Western Balkans.

This was said at the presentation of a study conducted by the Digital Forensic Centre (DFC) on Chinese presence and influence in the region.

The analysis notes that the Balkan countries are a springboard and a bridge to China’s establishment of a more significant economic presence in Europe.

It also says that the most powerful influence of China is especially visible in Serbia and that Montenegro is one of the eight countries most vulnerable to the Chinese presence.

The study also notes that China has strongly embarked on investments in North Macedonia, but has failed to retain significant influence, as well as that a large number of Chinese infrastructure investments are present in Bosnia and Herzegovina, i.e. the Republic of Srpska.

The only country in the region to see a decline in Chinese investments is Albania.

According to the study, more than half of Chinese companies’ investments in Europe are actually located in the Western Balkans.

(Bizlife.rs, 27.06.2022)




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