Over a million Serbian tourists vacationed in Greece – good year for domestic tourism too

According to Aleksandar Seničić, director of the National Alliance of Travel Agencies YUTA, the 2023 tourist season was better than last year’s, but adds that we have not yet reached the pre-pandemic level.

 Over a million people from Serbia spent their summer in Greece this year as well.

“In February, during the Tourism Fair, we expected this year’s season to be better than 2019, but it is about five to seven percent worse than the 2019 season,” Seničić said, adding that more expensive tourist arrangements could be the reason why the pre-pandemic results have not been accomplished.

When it comes to the most popular destinations for Serbian tourists, Greece tops the list, with over a million people from Serbia vacationing there this summer, followed by Turkey, Montenegro, Egypt and Tunisia.

He also notes that Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Albania and Croatia remain popular destinations among our tourists and adds that the price of travel arrangements went up, in general, between 15% and 20% compared to last year.

As for domestic tourism, Seničić says that 2023 is probably going to be a record-breaking year.

“The good thing about the pandemic was that we travelled more around Serbia and used travel vouchers more than usual which stabilized the domestic tourism market. We also have quite a few foreign tourists, mostly from Turkey, Russia, Western European countries, Bulgaria and Greece,” Seničić said.

(Biznis.rs, 27.09.2023)


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