Over 50% of women in Serbia killed in their homes

Almost 52 percent of women victims of femicide were killed in their own homes where they lived with the perpetrators of violence, Autonomous Women’s Centre activist Vanja Macanovic told the FoNet news agency.

Presenting the results of the research published on the Femicide Memorial platform, Macanovic stressed that the main difference between violence against women committed by men and that of women against men is that for men, their home is not the most dangerous place.

The platform contains the initials of 406 female persons, out of which 391 are women’s and 15 are girls’ initials, Macanovic added.

She said the platform helps keep tract of the cases in which the women previously reported violence to institutions, but femicide occurred due to the institutions’ failure to react.

Institutional representatives are responsible due to superficial assessments, because they failed to do their job properly, or the measures they took against the perpetrators of violence were too lenient, said Macanovic.

Commenting on systemic protection of victims of violence, Macanovic said legislation in this field has improved, but that implementation of the law is a problem.

“The problem is the people implementing the law, and this shows every time in situations when women had previously reported violence, and were then killed,” she explained, pointing out numerous shortcomings in the work of prosecutors, judges, and experts.

(Direktno.rs, 20.05.2024)



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