Over 2.5 mln pieces of recycable packaging collected in Reciklomats in Belgrade

“Since April last year to date, over 2.5 million units of recyclable packaging have been collected and then recycled at the 25 recycling stations in Belgrade, and more than 12.8 million dinars have been paid to citizens as compensation through BusPlus cards, Globaltel mobile telephony and donations,” said the Managing Director of the Globaltel Company, Sava Terzić.

“So far, 2.5 million units of packaging have been collected, which is the gist of this project, as we are increasingly aware that we are producing more and more rubbish that has to be recycled every day,” said Terzić, adding that the capacity of one Reciklomat (collection unit) is about 550 pieces of packaging.

He added that Reciklomats are owned by Globaltel, which have been put on Belgrade streets in cooperation with the waste recycling company Sekopak.

Sekopak’s director, Violeta Belanović Kokir, explained that the company was interested in a new type of packaging waste collection, which differs from the traditional collection that takes place in rubbish containers or bins. She underlined that the new technology was developed by a Serbian company and that, so far, 108 tonnes of waste have been collected from Reciklomats from April to December.

“In April, we set up 25 Reciklomats in Belgrade, plus five in Kragujevac. We noticed that citizens reacted well to this way of collecting packaging waste,” she said and added that four types of packaging can be deposited in Reciklomats – PET, glass, aluminium cans and tetra pack.

(Politika, 25.01.2022)




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