Over 100,000 migrants passed through Serbia last year

Last year, 108,808 migrants were registered in reception and asylum centres in Serbia, the Commissariat for Refugees and Migration said in its annual report.

As stated, their number dropped by 12 percent compared to 2022.

The migrants mostly came from Syria (45.7 percent), Afghanistan (22.2), Morocco (6.3) and Pakistan (4.8 percent) and most are adult men (86.2 percent).

The Commissariat stated that the average length of stay of migrants in Serbia was 12 days in 2023, 16 days in 2022 and 30 days in 2021.

The Commissariat also stated that 1,412 people were accommodated in 17 reception and asylum centres in Serbia.

(Radio Free Europe, 23.01.2024)


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