Organic production flourishing in Serbia

A number of people in Serbia interested in organic production has been constantly growing, particularly those who are keen on growing organic crops and fruit.

The Ministry of Agriculture says that most organic produce grown in Serbia is exported. While the data from 2016 is still being collated, the one from 2015 shows that the area under organic production grew by 62% compared to 2014.

Jelena Milic from the Ministry of Agriculture also says that the value of exported organic produce in 2015 was 20 million EUR. Our organic farmers mostly export to Germany and Austria, as well as to the US and Japan.

She also said that, in accordance with the Act on Distribution of Incentives in Agriculture and Rural Development, this year the Ministry allocated 90 million dinars of subsidies for organic production, which, last year, was 40% higher than the subsidies for conventional agriculture. This year, Milic adds, the subsidies for organic production will be even higher.

Organic cattle breeding remains at the same level as last year considering that the expenses associated with this segment are somewhat higher, particularly when it comes to certification.

Jelena Milic underlines that the Ministry does refund the costs of control and certification up to 50% of the total costs, and up to 65% for the areas that have difficult agricultural conditions.

(B92, 07.05.2017)

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