Orban-Vucic meeting lays the foundation for further cooperation between Serbia and Hungary

Hungary will not have anyone blocking Serbia’s EU accession – a country’s accomplishments in the integration process should be the only benchmark, Hungarian PM Viktor Orban said Monday.

That is what must be decisive, rather than integration itself or whether someone likes someone else or not, Orban said after a meeting with Serbian PM Aleksandar Vucic, adding that he had offered assurances to his counterpart that this was Hungary’s position and that it would act accordingly.

Orban noted he himself had experienced a time of high support for Hungary’s EU accession, which he said had become absent later.

He said he was glad the two governments would hold a joint session this autumn – not in Belgrade or Vojvodina, but in another part of Serbia.

We want to bring our economies closer together and enable investors to get to know each other, he concluded.

Orban: Solutions to migrant crisis will not threaten Serbia

The possibility of the migrant crisis worsening cannot be ruled out and European countries must be ready for that, Hungarian PM Viktor Orban said in Belgrade Monday, noting Hungary would do nothing in this regard that could threaten Serbia.

If we look at how loose the agreement of the EU, Turkey and Germany is, we cannot rule out the possibility of having the same situation as we did last year, Orban told a joint press conference with Serbian PM Aleksandar Vucic.

Hungarian and Serbian security authorities will cooperate on the issue, and Hungary is offering help, Orban noted.

When asked how Hungary would help Serbia, Orban said Serbia was a sovereign country and that assistance would only be provided in a way accepted by the country.

It is in our interest that no one can cross into Serbia illegally as that also boosts Hungary’s security, Orban said.

Orban urges Hungarian businesses to invest across Serbia

Hungarian PM Viktor Orban on Monday urged investors from his country to invest in Serbia – not only in Vojvodina but across the country – also calling on Serbian investors to come to Hungary, noting that the two nations were neighbours and partners.

Like everyone else investing in Hungary, Serbian investors would benefit from doing business in the country, he said at a press conference with Serbian PM Aleksandar Vucic.

We see the difficulties Serbia is experiencing – Hungary, too, had a tough year in 2011 and that is why we know which path you must go down to make the economy stronger and stronger, he said.

In the Serbian economy, too, the budget must be dealt with first, and only when there is progress in this area will economic growth be possible, Orban said, adding that there were positive tendencies in that regard, as well as in living standards.

(InfoSerbia, 05.09.2016)

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