Opposition’s Zajedno za Srbiju (ZZS) to participate in local elections in Šabac

Šabac Mayor and the leader of the Together for Serbia (Zajedno za Srbiju – ZZS) party, Nebojsa Zelenovic, decided to run in the upcoming election despite his party being a member of opposition Alliance for Serbia which is boycotting the elections at all government levels.

Zelenovic underlines that the ZZS will only participate in local elections and will boycott the elections at other state levels.

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The decision to run in the election was made by the party’s main committee. Zelenovic also said that the vice-leader of the ZZS, Srdjan Sreckovic, voted against it and immediately left the party after the vote.

“In the elections on April 26th we will decide how to continue developing Šabac and there is a clear plan for all citizens to have employment and higher salaries. There is also a plan to build a complete infrastructure, to connect 12,000 households to the gas pipeline, to irrigate 20,000 hectares of land in Mačva, and not to have waiting lists for nurseries. We also have a project that would facilitate access to the river, and create a green oasis spanning 300 hectares, while 7% of the town’s budget will continue to be allocated to culture. In our town, people decide directly on the projects which are funded by the money collected from the property tax. We will decide about the destiny of our town in the upcoming local elections,” Zelenovic said.

The Alliance for Serbia said that by deciding to participate in the “fake elections”, the ZZS has disqualified itself from further membership in the alliance.

(Danas, 23.02.2020)



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