Opposition’s Alliance for Serbia forms a branch in Kosovo

Alliance for Serbia (SzS), from the Serbian opposition bloc, has formed its branch in Kosovo on Monday at a gathering near the Gazimestan monument outside Pristina.

Alliance official and Freedom and Justice Party leader, Dragan Djilas told reporters that the Kosovo branch included SzS members and other parties and associations active in Kosovo.  

He told at the ceremony that the dialogue between Serbs and Albanians was of crucial importance but warned that it would be hard to achieve if the two sides did not talk at all.  

Djilas also said the meeting was moved from the centre of Gracanica to the nearby Gazimestan monument (to the medieval Serb warriors who died battling against the invading Ottoman forces) because the organizers wanted to avoid any conflict with a group of 50 or so people protesting their presence.  

Asked about the call for the opposition to end its boycott of the National Parliament and take part in a session on Kosovo, Djilas said that he was confident that no opposition MP fighting the regime would attend the session.

The North Kosovo media outlet, KoSSev reported that the journalists were not stopped by the local police officer from bringing in their recording equipment to the event and that the orders came from his superiors.

(N1, 19.05.2019)


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