Opposition: We warned McAllister about difference between reality and media reports

The opposition leaders have met with the European Parliament’s Rapporteur for Serbia, David McAllister to discuss the current political situation in the country.

The opposition also says that that was just a regular meeting that the media paid too much attention to, and that there were no talks about the opposition uniting and participating together at the next election.

At the meeting that took place at the premises of the EU Delegation in Serbia, the opposition pointed out to McAllister that there was a huge difference between what the media reported about Serbia’s progress and reality.

“The situation is completely opposite of what McAllister thought it was. He thought that Serbia had been growing economically, but the truth is that it is not, compared to other regional countries”, said the president of the Democratic Party, Dragan Sutanovac.

He also said that the support that European officials give to Serbia’s aspirations for the EU membership should not also be the support to the “monstrous stabilocracy established by Aleksandar Vucic”.

Sutanovac also informed McAllister that the dialogue about Kosovo was non-existent.

President of the Social-Democratic Party, Boris Tadic said that democracy in Serbia has been eroding every day and that there was no normal dialogue in the National Parliament. Also, he informed McAllister that Serbian citizens were being deceived into thinking that Serbian government has been achieving great results.

Tadic also warns that the EU could note that in five years’ time, when the accession talks end, there was not enough democracy in Serbia for the country to join the EU.

The meeting between McAllister and the four opposition leaders lasted for over an hour. The only opposition leader that refused to talk to the reporters was the head of the Enough is Enough Movement, Sasa Radulovic who left the meeting 20 minutes before it ended.

After the meeting, Sutanovac and Tadic went to a nearby bar to continue talks. Despite being invited to attend the meeting, the leader of the Free Citizens Movement, Sasa Jankovic, and the former presidential candidate, Vuk Jeremic did not come.

(Blic, 24.08.2017)



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