Opposition to record every person who leaves work for Vucic’s rally

Organizers of the #1in5Million protests and the Association of Free Councillors will write down the name and other details of every civil servant who leaves work on Friday specifically to attend the rally of the Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic in Belgrade on Friday.

The Alliance for Serbia said that they would also register all local officials who do the same thing and attend the rally organized by the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS).  

 The Alliance also underlined that civil servants were subjected to “horrendous mobbing” by their superiors in local administration who are forcing them to attend the rally and meet the attendance quotas set by the SNS headquarters.  

The Alliance called all civil servants to refuse to be coerced, adding that legal aid will be provided in cases of pressure or retaliation by the SNS against those civil servants who refuse to leave their workplaces.  

(Politika, 17.04.2019)




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