Opposition to get airtime – Rec on Rec political TV show starts again

Representatives of all political parties, including the opposition ones, will be given an opportunity to discuss the most important issues on the public broadcaster, Radio and Television of Serbia, in the political show Reč na Reč.

The first debate will be on Thursday, December 17, on Serbia’s attitude to the pandemic.

Representatives of six political parties in power and the opposition, SNS, SPS, SPAS, SRS, Nova Stranka and Narodna Stranka, will discuss whether Serbia should go into lockdown before Christmas holidays start and how to choose a proper coronavirus vaccine.

The first debate will be live on Thursday, December 17, at 21:00, RTS 1.

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There will be strict rules in place so that all participants can express their opinions without interference.

Each debate will be thematic and will discuss three questions under one topic. All participants will have thirty seconds at the beginning and end of the discussion for each question to give their answers. In between, there will be a twelve-minute-debate portion during which the moderator will give the floor to the participants.

Only the participant who has been given the floor by the moderator will have their microphone turned on.

Reč na Reč has been created by RTS and CeSID in 2012 and since then it has been held during each election campaign, plus two cycles of inter-election debates, which were held in various Serbian cities in the form of conversations with citizens.

The moderator of the debate will be Zoran Stanojevic, the editor of the RTS website.

(RTS, 14.12.2020)



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