Opposition split when it comes to election boycott

Although threatened with expulsion from the Alliance for Serbia (Szs), providing it violates the decision on the election boycott, the mayor of Sabac and the leader of the party Zajedno za Srbiju, Nebojsa Zelenovic, together with the mayor of Paracin, Sasa Paunovic, are trying to convince the base of the Democratic Party to abandon the idea of the boycott and get support for participating in local elections.

Zelenovic and Paunovic had a meeting with the Democrats in Novi Sad yesterday, with the aim of presenting the platform for participating in the local elections in Sabac and Paracin in the spring. The head of this party, Zoran Lutovac, is also due to speak with the members of the DS branch in Novi Sad.

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Zelenovic and Paunovic are counting on lobbying with the DS base to ensure a sufficient number of votes from the members of the Democratic Council.

Zelenovic and Paunovic’s announcements about their possible participation in the election have caused dissatisfaction among the other leaders of SzS, in particular the president of the Dveri Movement, Bosko Obradovic and the head of the People’s Party of Vuk Jeremic.

Obradovic said yesterday that Zelenovic cannot remain in the Alliance if he takes part in local elections and Jeremic has taken the same position.

In an open letter sent yesterday to the head of the EU Delegation to Serbia, Sam Fabrizi, Dragan Djilas, the head of the Party for Freedom and Justice, criticized Fabrizi for saying that “the EU is not closing its eyes to events in Serbia”. Djilas said that the statement is as right as the message “that Serbia’s accession to the EU is a reality”.

In his letter to Fabrizi, Djilas cited 20 examples of how “Vucic’s regime harasses citizens and is destroying Serbia”.

(Vecernje Novosti, 13.02.2020)


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