Opposition presents its election candidates

Yesterday, retired army general Zdravko Ponos officially accepted the candidacy for the presidency of Serbia and retired professor Vladeta Janković the candidacy for mayor of Belgrade.

They are now the official election candidates for the opposition parties, gathered around the common platform called Ujedinjena Srbija, helmed by Marinika Tepic.

“I’ll tell them (the people) – you owe nothing to the state; it owes you. Don’t let anyone take anything from you, claiming they have the right,” Ponos said accepting the candidacy.

He added that “no one has right to take your youth from you, your house or land for lithium; no one has right to take your future away,” he said.

Ponos added the citizens owned the state, not that “the corrupt and private state” owned them.

“I think that one of the biggest problems Serbia has is that we are a divided society. That is their (the current regime’s) greatest sin,” he concluded.

Serbia is set to hold local, parliamentary and presidential elections on April 3rd.

(Blic, 02.02.2022)



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