Opposition parties walk out from a meeting with Brnabic

Opposition MPs from the Serbian Against Violence (SPN) coalition walked out of a meeting with the Speaker of the Serbian Parliament, Ana Brnabic, on Thursday.

The meeting is the third called by Brnabic to discuss ODIHR recommendations on election conditions. The opposition wants all local elections held on the same day which would require amendments to the Law on Elections along with a review of the electoral rolls and full access to the Serbian state TV. The authorities have not agreed to hold the local elections on the same day with Brnabic calling the Belgrade City Assembly elections for June 2.

MPs from the Party of Freedom and Justice (SSP), Democratic Party (DS), Green-Left Front and Popular Movement of Serbia told reporters that the meeting was for show only. It was attended by the U.S. Ambassador Christopher Hill, European Union Delegation Chief, Emanuele Giaufret, and OSCE Mission chief, Jan Braatu.

MP from the Party of Freedom and Justice, Marinika, Tepic said they tried to tell the three ambassadors that Brnabic called the third meeting of the Collegium to lay the blame on the opposition. “Brnabic lied. We were prepared to find a solution because we are fighting for fair elections and these elections (on June 2) will be a farce,” she told reporters and added: “We can’t take part in the elections before the ODIHR recommendations are implemented”.

DS leader Zoran Lutovac said that the authorities are denying that there is a problem with elections or a political crisis. “We are in a deep political crisis,” he said.

Green-Left Front MP Biljana Djordjevic said they debunked the authorities’ claim that the opposition is holding up the implementation of ODIHR recommendations, while an MP from Popular Movement of Serbia, Miroslav Aleksic, noted that Brnabic planned to discuss those ODIHR recommendations that, in all actuality, don’t change anything.

(Voice of America, N1, 12.04.2024)



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