Opposition parties to hold a street protest in Belgrade today

The opposition movement Ne Davimo Beograd – Zeleno Levi Front called on all Serbian citizens to come to the protest rally, aptly called “Serbia against violence”, which will be held today, May 8, in front of the National Assembly building.

The movement said that they are demanding the end of the further promotion of violence in the media and public space, as well as responsibility for the long-standing inadequate response of the relevant authorities, i.e. the dismissal of the line ministers, following two mass shootings in Serbia in the space of just two days.

“This is a peaceful protest against the violence that has been ruling over and destroying our country. There will be no political speeches. I would like to invite people who decide to come to behave in an appropriate way and show respect for the victims. We have been constantly calling for tensions and aggression in society to be reduced. The media that propagate violence and those whose job it was to prevent it must all bear responsibility,” said Marinika Tepić from the SSP.

On the other hand, the Serbian PM, Ana Brnabić, has strongly criticized the opposition parties for organizing such a protest, saying:” To use that day to politicize it and to say that Aleksandar Vučić and SNS are to blame for it happening is scandalous and humanly incomprehensible and does not contribute to reducing polarization and violence in our country.”

“There is only one word for the (political) parties who hold a rally with political “demands” the day after the end of the mourning period and wish for “outpouring of anger on the streets” and that is disgust. One does not boost their ratings based on hatred and destruction of one’s own country! And this is done through children’s lives,” said the Speaker of the National Assembly, Vladimir Orlić, from the SNS party.

(N1, 08.05.2023)


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