Opposition MPs send letter to Maja Kocijancic explaining their parliament boycott

Several opposition parliamentary groups sent an open letter today to the European Commission spokeswoman, Maja Kocijancic, stating that they will continue to boycott Serbian parliamentary sessions and all activities related to the Parliament’s work, because “the reasons and circumstances for the boycott have not changed.”

The opposition deputies clarified that they were boycotting the assembly’s sessions due to “an aggressive and intense political violence against the opponents”.

They wrote they would continue with the boycott since no changes had been made in the ruling coalition behaviour.

“As you well know, a debate is a two-way process. Our Parliament, unfortunately, suffers from an aggressive and intense political violence against political opponents whose main dynamo is the ruling majority. The atmosphere is unbearable due to permanent lack of opposition deputies’ possibility to criticise the majority,” the letter said.

It added the ruling majority abuse parliamentary procedures, the book of rules and all administrative practices.

The opposition deputies said they wrote the letter after Kocijancic’s appeal to the parliamentarians saying “the inter-party dialogue should be supported and held in the parliament.” And that “the supervision role of the parliament and the process of passing laws were questionable last year because of the lack of any essential discussion and debate and that it should be solved urgently.”

The deputies reminded Kocijancic they had demanded the parliament speaker Maja Gojkovic‘s resignation two years ago and that the motion had never been put on the agenda.

„Besides, the essential parliamentary debate was completely curbed in December 2018 during the discussion of the most important law in every country – the Law on 2019 Budget,“ the deputies wrote.

They said it was the last straw, making them start the boycott “and join tens of thousands of people in the streets of Belgrade and across Serbia protesting against the current regime.”

The opposition MPs told Kocijancic they continued their work in line with the constitution, law and the book of rules in “a parallel parliament,” but in the assembly’s hall as the only place, as they said, was left for them to express their political views.

“We would also like to remind you that we are still doing our work in accordance with the Constitution, the relevant laws and the Rules of Procedure of the National Parliament, but in the” parallel parliament “, by addressing the citizens and discussing the current agenda items in the National Parliament Main Hall, which is the only space in the parliament where we can express our opinion and political stance,” the letter says.

Among the signatories are several opposition parties and independent MPs.

(Beta, Naslovi.net, 05.06.2019)



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