Opposition MP Marinika Tepic presents new evidence in the Krusik affair

An opposition member of the Parliament, Marinika Tepic, showed reporters in gathered in the Serbian Parliament’s hall several photographs with cases of arms with the private GIM logo, a private arms trader company said to be owned by the father of the Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic, apparently stored in an Interior Ministry (MUP) warehouse on the Mountain Avala, above Belgrade.

Tepic asked, “why are the cases belonging to the private company in the Interior Ministry’s storage?”

She added she thought that a part of the stored arms was seized by the police, and then, as she said, were sold through GIM Company.


 The affair about suspected illegal arms trade started after central Serbia’s ammunition factory Krusik’s employee, Aleksandar Obradovic disclosed what he said was the proof of dubious deals made by Stefanovic’s father Branko whose company GIM was buying arms from Krusik at a privileged price, damaging the factory.

Aleksandar Obradovic was apprehended at the workplace, kept in house arrest, then transferred to the Belgrade central prison for 20 days without any information before the Belgrade NIN weekly published his story, and he was back into the house arrest.

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Obradovic also said President Aleksandar Vucic and Minister Stefanovic new about those deals.

Both the opposition and public consider him to be a whistle-blower, while the authorities say he cannot be granted that status under the law since he did not contact institutions about his findings but gave them to a foreign journalist.

Earlier on Tuesday, an opposition leader Zoran Zivkovic told reporters he filed criminal charges against Aleksandar Vucic, Nebojsa Stefanovic, Stefanovic’s father and former CEO of the Krusik ammunition factory.              

(N1, 05.11.2019)



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