Opposition meeting between Sutanovac, Jankovic and Tadic

The opposition parties could come up soon with a solution of how to participate in the upcoming elections in Belgrade despite mutual differences.

The three opposition leaders – the head of the Democratic Party (DS), Dragan Sutanovac, the leader of the Free Citizens Movement, Sasa Jankovic and the former president of Serbia and now the head of the Social-Democratic Party (SDS), Boris Tadic – have met twice so far to discuss the local election in Belgrade. The first time it was only them three, at the second meeting there were joined by the Speaker of the German Bundestag, Norbert Lammert (during which they did not talk about the election), and the third time they discussed the election, i.e. how many representatives would each party have and their possible collaboration.

Also, they discussed a possibility of having Vuk Jeremic and the leader of the Nova Stranka, Zoran Zivkovic joining them. Since the aforementioned politicians are known for not getting along that well, they talked about maybe Jankovic and Zivkovic collaborating, or maybe Zivkovic and Jeremic, despite their conflicts from long time ago.

Although Boris Tadic was quoted by the media as saying that the opposition parties were close to reaching an agreement about participating in the Belgrade election,  that everything is still only an idea and that there are many things still to talk about.

Tadic also said that his party was talking to Sasa Jankovic and the Democratic Party, adding that those talks were progressing really well.

“I can see that some of them are also talking to Vuk Jeremic. I am fine with Jeremic joining us, but it would be completely absurd if we had the parties that have totally different views of our strategy collaborating with us”, Tadic said. He also said that the agreement between the said parties could be reached very soon and then presented to the public.

(Blic, 30.07.2017)



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