Opposition leader calls for civil disobedience and withdrawal of opposition MPs from the parliament

The leader of the Go-Change Movement, one of the opposition movements that participated in the June 2nd election, Savo Manojlovic, called the opposition to walk out of the Serbian Parliament and local assemblies in Belgrade and Nis to protest election fraud.

“Because of the obvious manipulation of votes and changes to polling station records in Nis and Novi Beograd Municipality, we are demanding that all opposition parties from those cities and in the national parliament, walk out of parliament if the election will of the people continues to be altered in this way,” he said.

Manojlovic’s call for an opposition walkout comes after claims of vote manipulation in the elections for the Nis City Assembly and other places after polling stations closed in Sunday’s local elections. Opposition officials have made claims of the ruling coalition manipulating ballots and launching recounts by local election commissions without the presence of opposition members.

Manojlovic told reporters in front of the Novi Beograd municipal administration building that the opposition should walk out of parliament, city assemblies and municipal councils within the next 24 hours by 10 am on Wednesday.

The Go-Change leader announced what he called “huge civil disobedience” starting on Saturday.

Protests were held yesterday when several hundred citizens gathered outside the Novi Beograd municipality building, demanding that opposition parties be given access to the minutes from the recent elections, as well as the opening of the ballot sacks.

“We demand that the true will of the citizens be established. We will count every ballot. The deadlines are short and we have very little time to review almost 100,000 pieces of election material. They are deliberately stalling and that is why we demand that they immediately enable us to do this,” said Zdravko Jankovic from the We Choose coalition.

(Danas, 05.06.2024)


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