Opposition gives Vucic until September to meet their demands

The Alliance for Serbia said on Saturday that the correction of the electoral roll, announced by Aleksandar Vucic, is a “special kind of fraud” aimed at “reducing the effectiveness of a potential election boycott.”

The Alliance dismissed the “false guarantees by Aleksandar Vucic that the election will be fair” and voiced doubts about the truthfulness of his announcement that international organizations will be allowed to monitor the election process in Serbia six months before the vote.

Corrections of the electoral roll were just one of the six conclusions and 45 recommendations made by the Expert Team of the ‘1 of 5 million’ protest. “Without meeting these recommendations, the Alliance for Serbia will boycott the elections,” their statement said.

The last deadline for meeting the opposition’s demands is September, the opposition bloc said, adding that it is “pointless to take part in elections if the media are not free for at least six months so people can hear different opinions and see a real debate between the government and opposition.”

The leader of the opposition Free Citizens’ Movement (PSG), Sergej Trifunovic said that the opposition boycotting the next parliamentary elections was “a poor choice”.

A member of the Political Council of the Free Citizens- Movement, Slobodanka Turajlic shares Trifunovic’s opinion.

She said that the PSG has not taken an official stance regarding the boycott as yet, adding that such a decision should not be made in a rush.

Turajlic also said that the experiences from 1997 proved that boycotting election did not have a big effect because “it is difficult to persuade voters not to go to the polls”.

She pointed out that, in the case of boycott, the opposition would not have its own observers at the polling stations, which creates space for election fraud.

“Even if the boycott succeeds in terms of reducing the number of people who actually voted, the question is who will confirm the illegitimacy of the elections and how will that lead to the change in power,” Turajlic said.

She added that it would make more sense if the opposition would gather around the principles outlined by the CRTA and seriously consider what kind of actions could bring about the changes that are being sought.

(Mondo, Nedeljnik, 27.07.2019)



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