Opposition doesn’t trust Djilas’ polls

Some opposition parties are aware of the results that the opposition politician, Dragan Djilas, conducts from month to month, however, most of them say they do not rely too much on these results and some look more to other polls done by independent foreign organisations which they trust more.

One of the results of the research commissioned by Djilas’ party, SSP, shows that the opposition consisting of the SSP, DS, Dveri, DJB, NS, PSG, ZZS, NDMBG, SDS and PZP together has the support of 32.9% of the voters. Most of the parties on this list are sceptical, however, as there is virtually no chance of all these parties joining together at the election.

The Democratic Party (DS) does not rely on public opinion polls because they have repeatedly proved unreliable in their political experience. According to a cross-section of research carried out by foreign organisations on the political attitudes of voters in Serbia, it shows that “people are more in favour of the opposition where there is less pressure on voters, i.e. in Belgrade and in the more developed urban areas, and these facts are confirmed in the field too”.

The Ne davimo Beograd movement did not want to comment on Djilas’ research because it does not see the possibility of them and the Dveri party being on the joint election candidates. According to independent research, Ne Davimo Beograd has recorded a 6% increase in support among Belgrade voters.

“The first opinion polls conducted in entire Serbia, as well as the one done specifically in Belgrade, speak of a stable growth of support for the movement over the previous three years. After 3.44%, with which the movement won in the municipal elections in 2018, the research we analysed shows that, right now, voter support in Belgrade is above 6%. In the central municipalities of the city, we are at 11%, and nationally we are close to the electoral threshold,” the movement says.

Among those who claim not to have seen Djilas’ research are representatives of the Social Democratic Party and the Zajedno za Srbiju party.

Nebojsa Zelenovic, the leader of the latter party, says he has not seen the figures presented by Djilas or the results of the research, but relied on other polls he had access to.

“Reliable research shows that citizens want three things from the opposition: for it to expand, to offer a programme and fresh blood. And that is exactly what we are doing now: we have gathered more than 20 organisations from all over Serbia and on 5 June, we will start working on the Zeleni Dogovor (Green Deal) platform,” Zelenović said. He underlines that he believes the opposition has the best chance of achieving a good result in Belgrade, as the research presented by SPP also shows.

“If there is a chance to win the local election then it must be in Belgrade, but for that to happen people have to believe that victory is possible and that their vote means something, which can be achieved via a good election campaign,” Zelenović underlined.

(Danas, 03.06.2021)



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