Opposition bloc: Election conditions are still not fair, decision on election boycott in September

Opposition parties and movements adopted a united stance at today’s meeting, stating that the prerequisites for free and fair elections still haven’t been met, but that they will continue to talk.

“We will exhaust all opportunities and talks and protests to have fair elections, but there is very little time left to meet the demands of the opposition,” one of the leaders of the Alliance for Serbia, Janko Veselinovic, said after a roundtable in the Stari Grad municipality.

“Serbia’s authorities have done nothing to meet the opposition demands for free and fair elections from last December and will be solely responsible if there is a boycott,” Veselinovic added.

Following the meeting of the opposition leaders, he said that unless the demands were fulfilled by mid-September, they would decide to boycott the elections due in spring 2020.

Besides the Alliance for Serbia leaders, the representatives of other opposition parties and movements took part in the Monday’s meeting, including the Union of Vojvodina’s Hungarians.

Veselinovic went on to say that the talks that were held with the ruling coalition’s representatives in the form of a roundtable discussion and that the opposition would take part in any negotiations which would lead to the creation of free and fair election conditions. “There haven’t been any so far,” Veselinovic adds.

He announced the next meeting with the representatives of authorities will take place on Friday or Saturday, adding that after that discussion, the opposition leaders would meet again to assess whether those talks could lead to constructive moves.

Asked what the deadline for the authorities to meet the opposition demands was, Veselinovic said “the second half of September.”

(Beta, Naslovi.net, 05.08.2019)



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