Opposition bloc adopts draft Agreement with People

Following the initiative by the organizers of 1in5 million protests, the opposition bloc has adopted seven-point Agreement with the People, which contains measures for securing fair elections, return of democratic principles and the rule of law following the opposition’s win over Vucic’s regime.

The following opposition leaders signed the document: founders of Alliance for Serbia (Dragan Djilas, Boško Obradović from Dveri, Zoran Lutovac from the Democratic Party, Nebojša Zelenović from Together for Serbia (Zajedno za Srbiju), Milan Stamatović from Healthy Serbia (Zdrava Srbija), Borko Stefanović from the Serbian Left (Levica Srbije), Vuk Jeremić from People’s Party (Narodna Stranka), Slaviša Ristić from the National Movement of Serbs from Kosovo and Metohija „Otadžbina“, Janko Veselinović from Pokret za Preokret, Željko Veselinović from the Sloga Trade Union Association, Jovan Jovanović from the Civil Platform (Gradjanska Platforma), Zoran Živković from New Party (Nova Stranka), Sergej Trifunović from the Free Citizens’ Movement (Pokret Slobodnih Gradjana), Boris Tadić from the Socialdemocratic Party (Socijaldemokratska Stranka), Tatjana Macura from the Modern Serbia Party (Stranka Moderne Srbije),  and independent MPs, Ana Stevanović and Marinika Tepić.

By this Agreement, the opposition bloc undertakes to jointly fight for free media and fair elections, but also that, if the conditions for a fair election are not met, they will not participate in the elections.

It also commits itself to “oppose violence” and protect all citizens who are discriminated against for having a different opinion, the statement said.

The signatories of the Agreement also accepted to “disclose and review all the acts adopted so far and which the current non-democratic regime would adopt, which are detrimental to the state and national interests”, as well as to leave their positions in assemblies which do not adhere to democratic principles.

The representatives of the opposition block also pledged that, when the conditions for free elections were met, they would work on the formation of a joint candidate list, which, in addition to party candidates, representatives of trade unions, professional and civic associations, would also include students, professors, academics and public figures.

After the election, a Government of Experts will be formed with a one-year-term that will introduce systemic measures, after which free elections will be scheduled.

The Agreement with the People has two annexes – the previously signed Common Opposition Statement for Free and Fair Elections and Defined Obligations of the Government of Experts. As stated in the relevant annex, the government of experts will have twelve key tasks.

Other tasks include bolstering the role of the State Audit Institution in controlling the spending of budget funds, determining the criteria for the election of public officials, and protecting independent and regulatory bodies and institutions from party influence.

Some of the tasks for the Government of Experts include lustration, investigating the origin of property and assets, establishment of social dialogue, compensation for damaged citizens, changes in electoral legislation and respecting the rights of local self-governments, the statement said.

Furthermore, the Agreement stipulates establishment of an independent judiciary and independent prosecutor’s office, the independence of the Constitutional Court, and the establishment of a special corruption, organized crime and trafficking prosecution office.

(Danas, 06.02.2019)



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