Opposition awaits MEPs’ conditions to decide whether to take part in elections

The President of Serbia and the SNS party, Aleksandar Vučić, has been constantly campaigning for election, while the opposition parties that boycotted the previous elections seem to be doing the same.

However, they say they have not yet made a decision whether they would take part in next year’s elections; some say it all depends on the MEPs’ proposal regarding the election conditions, while some do not see the possibility of winning against the current “mafia system”.

Everything that was not done in the campaign on the eve of last year’s June elections is now being done again. Political leaders of the opposition have been visiting towns in Serbia every day, talking to the citizens and informing them of what will change in Serbia when the SNS-led government falls.

Borko Stefanović, vice-president the Freedom and Justice Party, says that his party colleagues are very active in the field, but that does not mean that they will go to the polls. According to him, they are trying to bring about the right conditions for free elections through having a dialogue with the EU. The opposition wants the three elections – Belgrade, parliamentary and presidential – to be held separately and that’s one of their key conditions.

Srdjan Milivojević, from the Democratic Party (DS), says he does not see the possibility of going to elections “against a mafia system”. “We obviously have irrefutable evidence that we won’t be up against a political party but rather a mafia organisation. In this country, organised crime is intertwined with top state officials, which is one of the definitions of mafia,” says Milivojević. Asked if this means that the DS will not go to the polls, he said he couldn’t tell.

Bora Novaković, vice-president of the People’s Party, says that success in politics is measured by the number of conversations and emotions that are shared every day with the citizens in the field. He also says that his party they must be ready to campaign regardless of taking part in the election or not.

“Right now, it is not that crucial whether we go to the polls or not. Daily contact with citizens and focusing on their issues is the most important thing now. To use sports as analogy, now there are no regular conditions to play in, because all the circumstances are in favour of the government, but we will not wait for anyone’s ‘political mercy. On the contrary, we will fight to have a civilised election environment. If that environment is not formed, there will be no elections but protests and rebellion,” says Novaković.

(Nova, 09.08.2021)



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