Opinion on Kosovo’s membership in the Council of Europe adopted – Which countries voted in favour?

Kosovo’s application for membership in the Council of Europe (CoE) passed another hurdle on Tuesday when that organization’s Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) adopted the draft opinion on the application.

PACE MPs voted 131 to 29 to adopt the draft opinion based on a report by rapporteur Dora Bakoyannis submitted by the PACE Committee on Political Affairs and Democracy.

A number of MPs said during the debate that Kosovo’s membership in CoE provides mechanisms to protect the human rights of the entire population including the Kosovo Serbs.

Serbia’s PACE delegation submitted several amendments to the recommendation which were rejected.

Of the 29 representatives in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), who last night voted against the recommendation on the membership of the so-called Kosovo in SE, eight of them are from Spain.

Four deputies from Hungary and two from Cyprus were also against. Out of five deputies from Greece, only one vote was against. One deputy from Germany also voted against.

Also, two MPs from France and one from Italy voted against it.

Seven members of the Serbian delegation were against it, as well as Maja Vukićević from Montenegro and Snježana Novaković and Branislav Borenović from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

131 of the 171 deputies voted in favour of Kosovo’s membership in the Council of Europe.

Among the 11 abstainers was one deputy from Montenegro, six Italian deputies and three Moldovans, as well as one German, it was announced on the PACE website.

(RTV, 17.04.2024)



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