Only tests carried out in state laboratories are valid for obtaining a COVID pass

For those who have not been vaccinated, the only option to obtain the COVID Pass is to have a doctor’s note that they have had the virus, or they should produce a negative antigen or PCR test or a test confirming the presence of antibodies.

This has been a headache for many citizens because the tests are only recognised if they are carried out by state laboratories and not private ones, Euronews Serbia reports.

According to the authorities, this ensures better control and prevents possible misuse of the certificates, while private laboratories claim that it is “harassment of citizens”.

Gabrijela Čonkić was vaccinated seven months ago with two doses. Just as she was about to receive the booster dose, she was infected with the virus. In order not to wait hours in line in front of the state-run health centre with a fever, she tested herself in a private health facility.

When she recently tried to obtain her electronic green pass via the eUprava website, she discovered that she was not on the register, as the authorities have decided that patients tested and treated in private institutions cannot obtain a COVID pass.

“I called the number on the Covid-19 website and they told me that the only solution now is to take a test certifying the presence of antibodies in one of the state laboratories,” Gabrijela told Euronews Serbia.

State Secretary at the Ministry of Health, Mirsad Đerlek, says that the Government of Serbia has decided to accept the results of the antigen, PCR and antibody test only from state laboratories to prevent possible abuse. He also said that there are plenty of state laboratories in the country where those tests can be performed.

(, 11.11.2021)


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