Only passport needed for summer vacation

After Greece, which abolished all restrictions on crossing the border on May 1, as of today Croatia is doing the same, joining Albania, Bulgaria and Montenegro.

This summer, Serbian tourists will be able to travel to their favourite destinations only with a passport.

As the season approaches, the COVID-related measures that had been in force for the previous two years are being lifted in most of the countries that Serbian citizens usually choose for their summer vacation.

After Greece, which abolished all COVID-related entry measures on May 1, Croatia did the same. Namely, according to the Croatian Ministry of Interior, Serbian citizens can enter the country from today, Monday, under the same pre-pandemic conditions.

Holders of the Serbian passport also can travel to Bulgaria and Albania without any special restrictions, as well as to Montenegro, where Serbian citizens can travel with only an ID card in case they plan to stay for a maximum of 30 days.

Some measures remain in place regarding wearing facial masks. For instance, in Greece, it will be mandatory to wear them indoors, such as in stores or shopping centres until the end of May. The situation is similar in Spain and Turkey, where wearing masks is mandatory when using public transport, but not at airports.

In Italy, in addition to buses, they must be worn in cinemas, theatres, hospitals…

According to data from travel agencies, immediately after the abolition of the entry measures in Greece, tourists from Serbia showed great interest in booking a holiday there.

However, the booking trends have changed permanently as there are fewer and fewer tourists who book and pay much longer in advance, most of them now do so just before leaving for their vacation destination.

(Politika, 07.05.2022)

Photo credits: EPA-EFE/Georgi Licovski





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