Only fully vaccinated non-EU citizens will be allowed to enter the EU in 2022?

Milan Lainović, from the YUTA National Association of Travel Agencies, has said that as of 1 January 2022, only vaccinated non-EU citizens will be allowed to enter the EU.

“It will not be possible to travel to many EU countries without being fully vaccinated from 1 January,” he said.

The vice-president of Yuta clarified that that is only unofficial information for now. “Recently, I was in Vienna, where I learned that, as of 1 January 2022, only vaccinated people will be able to enter EU countries. From what I was told, the PCR test will no longer be valid,” Lainović points out.

As he says, all indications are that that rule will come to life on the first day of next year. “‘For example, PCR tests in Austria are no longer free, to encourage vaccination as much as possible. Also, I was in Austria and Slovakia and I could not enter any bar, restaurant or shopping centre without the vaccination certificate,” he adds.

Lainović recalled that for now there is no universal rule for entering EU countries: “Not all EU countries have the same regulation – you can go to Hungary, Austria, Croatia and Slovenia if you are vaccinated with the Chinese or Russian vaccine.  However, you cannot enter Germany and Italy if you have received those vaccines.”

(Blic, 26.10.2021)



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