Only four Serbian banks don’t charge fees on charity payments

Only 4 banks in Serbia, out of a total of 26 in the country, do not charge a fee on charity cash payments.

The other 22 charge a percentage for each payment at the counter, even if the money is paid towards costs for medical treatments for sick children, the consumer association, Efektiva, says.

“Our advice is that, before deciding in which bank to make a payment or transfer funds to an account dedicated to the collection of humanitarian aid, people they should inform themselves about the fees that banks have to display on their official websites, check who charges a fee for these payments, and then choose the bank that doesn’t charge fees for such payments”, the National Bank of Serbia (NBS) suggests.

Since March 2019, NBS has been publishing an overview of payment service providers’ fees.

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“The analysis of the published data shows that when it comes to the transfer of non-cash funds for humanitarian purposes, Banca Intesa, Komercijalna Banka, AIK Banka, NLB Banka, Alta Banka, Srpska Banka and Mirabank don’t charge a fee for this service, while, in terms of cash payments for charity purposes, the following banks don’t charge any fees – Komercijalna Banka, Srpska Banka, Alta Banka and NLB Banka,” the NBS says.

The Payment Services Act states that the bank has the right to charge a fee for the services it provides to the user, but it must state this in its fee overview.

(Nova, 02.11.2020)

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