Online shopping has increased by 80% and exceeds 5.5 billion dinars

According to preliminary data from the National Bank of Serbia, in the first three months of this year, people in Serbia did 80% more business online on national and international websites than in the same period last year, and the value of shopping in national currency exceeded 5.5 billion dinars.

The total value of e-commerce in the euro is over 30 million. People in Serbia made purchases on various European sites, as well as on Swiss websites, with the value of the purchases on Swiss websites amounting to 300,000 Swiss francs.

There has been significant growth in online trade, especially in Serbian online shops, Deputy Governor of the National Bank of Serbia (NBS) Dragana Stanić told Tanjug, and that growth stood at 80% relative to the Q1 of last year.

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The number of transactions in euro on foreign websites is 11% higher and 12% higher on sites where purchases are paid in dollars compared to the same period last year.

Online shopping, but also online payment of bills and services in Serbia via a PC or mobile phone has been registering double-digit growth rates every year.

The number of transactions via mobile phones has also increased. Comparing the first quarter of this year with last year’s, there was a significant increase in mobile phone payment transactions in the country, i.e. 26%.

In recent years, the usage of the electronic banking system has also been on an upward trajectory, exceeding 37 million dinars in quarterly transactions.

“Card payments have increased significantly, and have been recording an upward trend. In the first quarter of this year, people in Serbia made 20% more transactions on POS devices in stores than in the first quarter of last year,” Stanic concluded.

(RTV, 14.05.2020)


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