Online registration of new companies starts

As of today, the Business Registers Agency (APR) is going to provide an electronic service whereby new company owners will be able to register their companies online much cheaper, and in less time than usual.

This new service entails doing every step of the company registration online – from submitting the registration application to being granted registration. Director of APR, Zvonko Obradovic says that the new e-service is cheaper than the registration in paper. The e-service costs 1,000 dinars, while the one ‘in paper’ costs 1,500 dinars. For now, the e-service is available only to small company owners.

However, the amendments to the Company Law stipulate e-registration for larger companies and limited liability companies in the near future too.

If, for some reasons, new company owners prefer to register their companies the old fashioned way, they can do so by submitting their documents personally at the APR counters or sending them via mail.

As for e-registration, new company owners can pay the service with Visa and Master cards.

As of 1st January, as promised by the Tax Administration, companies and individuals can submit six other tax forms online too via the ePorezi website.

(Blic, 01.01.2018)


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