Online petition launched for a law on same-sex union to be passed

Belgrade Pride has launched an online petition calling for the adoption of a law on same-sex unions. The petition was launched the day before yesterday and so far, more than 1,700 signatures have been collected.

The promoters of the petition hope that, in this way, the draft law on homosexual communities, drawn up ten years earlier, will be finally adopted. The petition is a democratic means of getting a part of the population to speak out, even if it doesn’t necessarily have to lead to the adoption of the law.

“The petition was launched the day before yesterday and will be active until we have a law in place. So far, we have collected 1,700 signatures. The registration of same-sex unions is different from marriage. It serves to ensure the visibility of homosexual communities before the law,” says Jovan Ilic, coordinator at Pride Info Centre.

“This means that a community of same-sex partners is recognized by law, that the regulations on the division of property apply to same-sex partners if that community ceases to exist, that same-sex partners can inherit under the same conditions as heterosexual couples, that a same-sex partner has the right to inherit a pension after his partner dies, that same-sex couples can enjoy the right to protection from domestic violence, that in case of illness of one partner the other has the right to be informed about their illness, treatment and state of health, that homosexual partners have the right to participate in the decision-making process regarding the choice of medical treatment for their partner, that same-sex partners can visit each other in prison and that they have the right to organize their partner’s funeral”, reads the petition.

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All of the above, however, differs from marriage in that it does create the possibility of adopting children. According to Ilic, adoption is for now in the domain of “pure science fiction” and he thinks that the registration of same-sex union is only the first step to change the Constitution in the future.

“The main reason why we do not fight for marriage is that, according to the Constitution, it is intended only for people of different sexes, that is men and women. In order to have a valid law on same-sex unions, we do not have to the Constitution. It just needs to be adopted and it and it will stipulate almost the same rights as the marriage of the same-sex couples would have,” Ilić added.

“The most important thing is to pass a law as soon as possible as the law would ensure that same-sex couples living together for 10, 15, 20 years, who have built their lives together, who have houses, apartments, etc., would be recognized before the law,” Ilic concludes.

(Blic, 23.09.2020)

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