Online company registration: Ins and outs of new service

In the first two months of this year, 4,996 small businesses were set up and registered with the Serbian Business Register Agency which is 14% more than in the same period last year.

As of 1st January, small businesses are able to register online, and soon the same will be available to one person companies. By 2nd March, 100 small business owners used online registration services.

Of the previously electronically registered, 40% of businesses are from Belgrade. Expectedly, the majority of those who have signed up online are engaged in programming or consulting services.

Instead of paying 1,500 dinars for business registration, now, those businesses which register electronically, are paying 1,000 dinars in registration fee. In order to be able to register their company online, company owners have to have an electronic signature and electronic payment option.

“In the background of this application, we also register new business owners for social, pension and health insurance, as well as give them an option to choose the taxpayer category – i.e. if you are going to pay flat-rate tax or VAT. So, you can do all of this without having to go to different institutions or authorities”, says Zvonko Obradovic, Director of the Serbian Business Register Agency.

The initial obstacles to obtaining electronic signatures have been removed, they are provided by five certification bodies with some of them charging for this service. Also, e-signature can be obtained for free, just with an ID car – Obradovic notes.

“We have also been working on setting up a regional business registry in collaboration with the Central Business Registry of Macedonia”, Obradovic adds.

Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Romania and Slovenia are have also expressed interest in joining the Serbian Business Register Agency in forming regional registers.

(N1, 15.03.2018)






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