One quarter of workers Serbia is unregistered

Almost one quarter of all workers in Serbia is currently unregistered, or are temporarily employed on seasonal jobs.

Close to 22% citizens are working in unregistered companies, without job contracts – the data compiled by the Serbian Statistical Office says. In the last four months, employment in Serbia has reached the highest level since 2014, i.e. a total of 2.88 million citizens were employed. Also, the number of the unemployed citizens has reached its lowest level – 384,100.

Relative to the beginning of this year, the number of employed persons has grown by 228,800, and most of the workers are engaged in agriculture. It is important to mention that the highest employment hike has been recorded in people who have elementary or high school education.

Lately, workers over 55 years of age have found employment much easier, although it was usually temporary. The data shows that 637,900 employees have no job contracts, and almost 220,000 employees, with job contracts, have no health insurance.

There is still a gap between the number of female and male employees. However, the number of female employees has gone up more (90,600) than the number of male employees (69,400).

Recently, President Aleksandar Vucic stated that the unemployment rate has dropped to 10.6%. However, experts agree that this is impossible because the GDP growth rate does not support such drop. Economy expert suspect that the growth of seasonal jobs is used to inflate the employment figures.

What is worrying is that youth unemployment has been growing, and that the brain drain is becoming more pronounced.

(Gde Investirati, 04.09.2017)


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