One-off help of 10,000 dinars to all professionals engaged in fighting coronavirus

The government of Serbia decided yesterday that, due to their dedication and commitment to the treatment and prevention of the spread of COVID-19, a one-time financial aid of 10,000 dinars will be given to professionals engaged in the fight against the contagion, whose jobs are financed in whole or in part by the Serbian budget.

The same amount will be paid to professional members of the Serbian army who work in military health institutions, health workers employed at the Ministry of Internal Affairs or in prisons, as well as health workers of the Institute of Sports and Sports Medicine of Serbia.

The government also adopted a programme stipulating planning and use of subsidies to support travel agencies and tourism companies which have been facing huge operational difficulties caused by the pandemic. The Government of Serbia has approved 150 million dinars for these purposes.

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Finally, the government adopted a decree on external trade facilities located abroad, which allows the Serbian government and the Serbian Chamber of Commerce to work on joint promotion of the state and businesses in foreign countries.

(Nova, 19.11.2020)



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