One of the biggest tax debtors in the country wins 12 public tenders

The Bauwesen Company, which has been working on the still unfinished square in Leskovac for more than three years and with which the Leskovac authorities terminated the contract, won twelve new public tenders in Serbia.

Bauwesen, who also happens to be the biggest tax debtor in Serbia and has been blacklisted by the Ministry of Construction due to a series of violations such as poor work quality and breaking deadlines, owes the state almost 140 million dinars in unpaid taxes. In just two years, independently or in a consortium, the company won state tenders worth over 3.5 billion dinars.

“The majority of those tenders were launched by public companies from Belgrade –  five by the Belgrade City Traffic Company, and two each by Belgrade Waterworks and Sewerage and the Directorate for Building Land and Construction of Belgrade, respectively,” writes the Pištaljka website.

Bauwesen took part in all these tenders as a member of the consortium led by the Hydroteam Solutions Company, founded two and a half years ago. Hydroteam’s income in the first six months of operations stood at 300,000 euros, only to jump to 9 million euros in its second year of business.

According to the last published financial report, from 2020, Bauwesen had 389 employees and a profit of more than half a billion dinars. The financial report for the year 2021 has not been posted on the official website of the Business Registers Agency (APR), which is yet another violation because companies are obliged to submit those reports.

(, 23.12.2022)


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