One more crossing on the Serbian-Hungarian border to be opened

The Serbian government has decided to form a working group that will negotiate and implement the project about opening a new border crossing on the Serbian-Hungarian border – Kelebija-Tompa 2.

The working group will manage the negotiations between the governments of Serbia and Hungary and be in charge of implementing the new project in Kelebija.  

The president of the workgroup is Emese Lalic Urban, the state secretary at the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, and the deputy is Miroslav Alempic, the acting assistant minister of construction, transport and infrastructure.

In May last year, the Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Minister, Goran Vesic, said that the Hungarian partners planned to build the new Kelebija border crossing, slightly farther away from the existing Kelebija crossing, reachable on foot, on the Y-junction of the Serbian side. Once this is done, one border crossing at Kelebija will be for passenger traffic, whereas the other one will be for cargo traffic.

(eKapija, 08.04.2024)

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