One in three students in Serbia is functionally illiterate

According to the results of the PISA tests published yesterday, 40% students in Serbia are below the level of functional literacy in mathematics, 38% do not meet the minimum literacy requirements for reading and 38% for scientific literacy.

Serbia is more than 40 points behind the OECD countries, which means that students from Serbia need a year and a half more schooling to make up for the difference, reports the Politika daily.

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One in three students is functionally illiterate because they do not know how to put the acquired information into practice. Serbia ranked 45th out of 79 countries participating in the PISA tests. Serbia had not participated in previous tests, from 2015,  due to lack of money and in 2012, it ranked 43rd out of 65 countries.

PISA tests are used to assess the quality of knowledge acquired by students at school, i.e. whether they are able to apply the lessons learned at school in everyday practice. More than 8,000 students, mostly first-year students, have been tested in Serbia. In addition to the basic mathematics, reading and scientific literacy, the students also had, for the first time, financial literacy and general competency test. The results of the latter will be presented later.

Marija Videnovic of the Institute of Psychology states that the average performance of students in OECD countries is about 500 points, while in Serbia, according to the scale of mathematical literacy, is 448, on the scale of reading literacy 439 and on the scale of scientific literacy 440 points.

In regional terms, the performance of students in Serbia is better than that of students in Montenegro, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, but worse than that of students in Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia.

(Moj Novi Sad, 03.12.2019)


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