One in four employees feel unappreciated at work

At least one in four employees feels unappreciated at work which directly affects the productivity, innovation and well-being of workers, according to the latest report by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) on diversity and inclusion, the Nezavisnost trade union association reported.

Too little is being done to promote diversity and inclusion, especially among minority groups, in the workplace which means that companies and workers are both missing out on significant potential. According to the survey, only half of the respondents feel that diversity and inclusion are sufficiently identified and resourced in workplace culture and strategy, and at least one in four employees do not feel valued in the workplace.

Only a third of companies currently measure inclusion parameters, although it is vital to do so for business development and progress, said ILO, whose report defines inclusion as people’s experience of the workplace and the degree to which they feel valued for the skills they have.

The study also found that feelings of inclusion in the workplace are more likely to be related to seniority than to personal background or characteristics such as age, gender or ethnic, racial and religious affiliation. Of those surveyed, 92% of senior staff said they felt included and that diversity was respected and valued at work, compared with 76% of junior staff.

Workers in medium-sized, large and multinational companies felt more positive than employees in small and national companies. Only a quarter of respondents stated that women make up a significant part (40-60%) of top management, while a third indicated that there are no disabled people at a higher management level.

Some minority groups also reported less than positive experiences of inclusion and indicated a tendency to be grouped with lower-level staff.

(Danas, 11.04.2022)

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