One in 10 citizens continues to pay mortgages, between 3 and 10% have refused the moratorium

Since 1 April, the banks in Serbia have been implementing the National Bank’s decision to postpone loan repayments for at least three months due to the coronavirus pandemic.

According to preliminary statistics, most bank clients who have loans have decided to go for the moratorium, but between 3 and 10% of indebted customers, both private and corporate, refused and decided to continue paying instalments on their loans and leases.

The Association of Banks of Serbia says the first real balance sheet for the entire Serbian banking sector will be made next week.

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Those borrowers who have refused the moratorium had to inform their banks of their decision by March 31. Those who did not automatically come forward are thought to be in favour of the moratorium, which provides that interest rate accrued during the three months in which they did not pay the instalments should be evenly distributed over the rest of the debt.

“Out of a total of 122,000 customers who took out private loans and farmers, 15,171 customers have declined the moratorium, i.e. about 12.4%,” says Komercijalna Banka.  

Komercijalna Banka will also accept any subsequent declarations by the debtor regarding the non-acceptance of the moratorium.

“Such requests continue to arrive, as some responded only when they noticed that the usual monthly loan instalment was not taken off their bank account balance. Our1 clients have the opportunity to change their minds and accept the moratorium as long as the state of emergency lasts”, says Komercijalna Banka.

(Kamatica, 08.04.2020)

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